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Twins 3, Tigers 2: Pelfrey does it again

Somehow, someway, Mike Pelfrey be coming out winning like every single day.

"Guys, I'm Torii Hunter! I'm old! Don't jump so high!"
"Guys, I'm Torii Hunter! I'm old! Don't jump so high!"
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Pelfrey threw seven shut-out innings in his last start, surprising everyone, and it appears he has done it again. It wasn't a shut-out this time, but Pelfrey went seven innings with only one earned-run and it was luckily enough to give the Twins the win.

I say "lucky enough" because Oswaldo Arcia had the TOOTBLAN to end all TOOTBLANs. In the fifth inning, Twins third base coach Gene Glynn gave Arcia the stop sign at third base when Danny Santana hit a single, which, had Arcia stopped, would have left the bases loaded for Torii Hunter. Alas, Arcia did not pay attention to Glynn, ran past third base, and was thrown out easily at home.

To illustrate how bad this play was, here's a sampling of Twitter comments:

Soooooo yeah.

Amazingly, somehow, Paul Molitor did not instantly take Arcia out of the game. That's right! Molly left Oswaldo Arcia in the game so he could embarrass himself even more by striking out on three pitches in the bottom of the seventh.

Luckily, the Twins had some other players with heads on the shoulders playing in the seventh inning. Eduardo "EE" Escobar hit a double to drive in Eduardo Nunez, and Kurt "MVP" Suzuki singled to drive in Escobar and put the Twins up 3-2. The Twins held that score into the ninth until, you know, Glen "Spotted Cow" Perkins came in.

Twins win!


Presenting..... TONIGHT'S TOP TEN:

# Commenter # Comments
1 Brananorama 69
2 Christian Ryan 55
3 SooFoo Fan 53
4 kenzertz 50
5 less cowbell, more 'neau 36
6 domesticllama 35
7 myjah 32
8 jere.johnson.37 26
9 MNWildcat 20
10 beezer07 13


Brananorama: "What if Mike Pelfrey wins the Cy Young?"