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Thursday Twins Talk: Opening Day, Losing, and Pitching

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the week of real baseball returning! Unfortunately, the Twins have started out the 2015 season 0-2, scoring zero runs and allowing 15. Hooray, baseball! On to the tidbits...

-Monday's Opening Day game ended on a controversial call from everyone's favorite ump, Joe West. Torii Hunter got in his face a bit, and apparently Paul Molitor now feels bad he didn't stick up more for Torii.

-Target Field debuted some new foods this week - some of the new things sound pretty delicious. Don't forget your pizza-slice Bloody Mary at Hrbek's! The Strib has better pictures.

-Scoring futility laid out in a nice format for your pleasure! Try not to cry while reading. If that doesn't do it for you, here's nother.

-If you're looking to see how the other side lives, check out Bless You Boys this week while we take on the Tigers, and later in the week, South Side Sox for all your White Sox needs.

-Fox Sports has a nice little story about Paul Molitor being given the managerial role. Whether or not this rough start has been any indication of how his career will go, the story paints a nice picture of what could come.

-Puckett's Pond has a feature about former Twins. This week, they talk about Kevin Correia (remember him??) signing with the San Francisco Giants. Welp!

Make sure to stop by later in the day for today's game thread against the Detroit Tigers!