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Brian Dozier: Screw It, I'm Setting Up My Drums in the Clubhouse

The Twins second baseman is promising no extended drum solos "for now"

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Snagging grounders and playing sweet fills, that's Brian Dozier's thing
Snagging grounders and playing sweet fills, that's Brian Dozier's thing
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Dozier signed an extension to stay with the Twins through 2018. Now, he's also found a place to put his new "ass-kicking" drum kit.

"Screw it, they're going in the middle of the clubhouse.  Plenty of room, great acoustics.  They're going in this weekend."

Dozier, the Twins' second baseman, says his wife, Renee, put her foot down on drums in their house.

"I understand her thinking," said Dozier, "They're extremely loud, especially when I'm feeling my vibe.  Can't blame her one bit."

So, the kit, an 8-piece Tama Imperialstar with double bass drums, is going right in the middle of the home clubhouse at Target Field.

"I need two basses because that's what Lars (Ulrich, drummer for Metallica) played on 'One,'" said Dozier.  "You gotta have the double bass for that 'cuz it sounds like guns.  One bass is just stupid.  So two basses.

"I've also got this gong that I picked up at a thrift store in Los Angeles and it is tight, bro.  Got a Chinese letter on it, so it's authentic.  Checking with (Glen) Perkins to see if he's ever set one on fire before."

"I can't comment on this.  I won't," said Perkins later.

Twins officials say that they are fine with the drums.

"Dozier is a cornerstone for this franchise," said manager Paul Molitor.  "He's not some rookie walking into the room like he owns the place.  He's paid his dues.  So long as he uses brushes, puts towels on the drum heads, and doesn't go nuts with the crash cymbal, he's five-by-five."

Dozier said he plans to abide by Molitor's rules.

"Not gonna lie to you, when I am on my steez and I just gotta drum, using brushes is a bit of a bringdown.  But if I get in early or stay late, I think I can push it a little bit, if you now what I mean," Dozier said with a wink.

"No drum solos for now, but if you show up at 6 AM on the day of a night game and hear 'Moby Dick,' you'll know what's up."