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Tuesday Twins: Mentors and mentoriis (and Nick Swisher is a nazi)

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy duty, Twins fans! SB Nation changed its post making thingie so I can't make normal bullet points and I'm in Duluth, so I'm a little confused, but here are your links:

- Aaron Hicks' back y'all.

- But watch out, Hicks: Terry Ryan says the surging Byron Buxton could "force our hand".

- Detroit Free Press writer George Sipple is very surprised by the Twins so far this year, and credits Torii Hunter with their success.

- REAL LIVE HEADLINE: "On deck: Minnesota Twins are hottest team in AL heading into series with Detroit Tigers". HOTTEST. TEAM. IN. BASEBALL AMERICAN LEAGUE (I'll take it). 

- Tom Kelly's advice to Paul Molitor was, "Take a picture of your face the first day in spring training and compare your face to it as the season goes on." (Presumably to see how much you have aged, but the way things are going so far, Molly might look younger?)

- Although less Lego-looking, Doug Bernier considered Jamey Carroll his mentor.

- What did Doug Bernier do with those tips? He made a website:

- Meanwhile, Paul Molitor talked with the Pioneer Press about the time he got ejected for arguing with the home-plate umpire when John Rocker struck-out Corey Koskie.