What value do you place on leadership?

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

RandBall Stu's channeling of Souhan was, predictably, brilliant. But one issue that burbled around in that article was the value (or not) of taking a leadership role in the clubhouse.

Once a traditional value, "Clubhouse Leadership" seems to be valued these days just about as much as 45rpm singles, or leisure suits. As I understand it, no study of baseball statistics and results has ever been able to show a correlation between a player's reputation as a leader and his team's success -- or for that matter, a correlation between a player's JQ (Jerk Quotient) and a team's failure to meet expectations.

Still, I feel that such failures to find correlation may have more to do with not having the right data, or a reliable tool for acquiring the data, than it does with there truly being no CL value at all. I have experienced, as I imagine most people have, highly skilled team members who were so lacking in the ability to engage with others that people dreaded working with them, and people who created an affect that attracted others and made for a happy and productive work team.

So, is there really no difference between having John Rocker or, say, LaTroy Hawkins? Was Gary Gaetti not better for the Twins when he was pals with Hrbek, than he was after he got religion? I'm really curious what the best minds of the TT community have to say. And how the community will respond to this poll.