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MIN 6, TB 4: Not Like The Last Four Years Of Hovering Near .500 Early On. Really!

Nice shot, Indahi. Levitation is REAL. I hate even cropping this.
Nice shot, Indahi. Levitation is REAL. I hate even cropping this.
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor May, considered a future part of the Twins rotation, did OK today. Is OK less than mega-stardom? For sure. Is OK, um, OK? Yeah. Considering how much money the Twins have spent on mediocre mini-aces, and how poor their young starters have been the past few years, OK is really OK.

Eduardo Escobar, everyone's favorite "non-sustainable sample size" batter from last season, had four friggin' hits, including the winning Twins RBIs. He also wanders aimlessly around left field and catches most balls hit directly at him, if those balls yell "hi, Eduardo, heeere I come! Get ready!" Today he played shortstop, as God intended.

The Twins have played seven teams this year. They are 6-6 against the Royals. Over .500 versus five other teams. Abysmal suckitude facing one team. Can you guess that team? ARE YOU EVEN A TWINS FAN?

Totally insular site stuff: this GDT was deader than hell, although new blood tried their best -- thanks, you folks! (If I pissed all the old-timers off recently, I apologize, it's the Internet, we all get stupid sometimes. Well, you don't, but I do.)

Cambot! Tom Servo! Gypsy! CROOOOOOOOW!:

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