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Kennys Vargas sent to AAA Rochester; Eduardo Nunez activated

Don't freak out, but Kennys is going to get more practice!

"I'm going to go down and learn how to mash more dingers even better." - Kennys Vargas (I hope).
"I'm going to go down and learn how to mash more dingers even better." - Kennys Vargas (I hope).
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins sent their large DH Kennys Vargas to AAA Rochester after the game on Sunday. The team activated infielder/outfielder/helmet-loserer Eduardo Nunez from the DL, most likely in anticipation of the two upcoming games at Pittsburgh's PNC Park, where there is no DH.

As mentioned, the most likely explication for this move is to give Kennys some time in AAA while he won't be playing with the Twins. That may sound roundabout, but the Twins have an off-day Monday, two days in a National LeaguePark (so no DH), and then another off day. Kennys has been sitting for two days. I'm all for getting him more work, especially because he's never even seen AAA baseball.

And if you have any question about new Twins Manager Paul Molitor's judgment, read these quotes:

"Right now, [Vargas' head] is cluttered," Twins manager Paul Molitor said. "I think a little bit of two months of, 'How is he going to get me out? I want to be patient this at-bat. I want to be aggressive the next at-bat.' You are late on the fastball, early on the changeup."

Molitor said it has been easy for opposing pitchers to get Vargas to chase bad pitches. That's an adjustment pitchers have made since his rookie year in 2014.

"They get him to get out of the zone fairly frequently," Molitor said. "That is something that we want him to improve upon."

Molitor said Vargas is going to have to counter those pitching adjustments, and the franchise wants him to do so in a lower-pressure environment.

"He handles instruction well," Molitor said. "He knows he has to do more than just take batting practice every day to contribute. You got a guy that can potentially be a very valuable part of the middle of your lineup and be a run producer. Through 100 at-bats, it hasn't happened very much for him."

He kinda sounds like he knows what he's talking about. Maybe.

That article from the Pioneer Press also included a quote from Nunez, who says, "It feels pretty good."