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Gibby, Perk Shutout Sox, 1-0

Kyle Gibson threw eight shutout innings, Perkins closed it, and the only run scored on a wild pitch.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins winning a pitching duel is one thing.  The Twins winning a pitching duel on a wild pitch where the 290 lb. Kennys Vargas scored the only run?  That's another.

Kyle Gibson pitched eight scoreless innings, Glen Perkins notched his seventh save in seven opportunities, and the Twins took their second straight from the Chicago White Sox, 1-0.

Gibby was excellent, scattering four hits and walking just one.  The South Siders biggest threat, a bases loaded jam in the third, was snuffed out by a double play, which I call "Kendra" but others call "a pitcher's best friend."  "Kendra" is catchier, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Jose Quintana was equally effective for Chicago, with the exception of letting a giant man score on a wild pitch in the fifth inning.  Vargas had made it to third by tagging on a long fly to center by Brian Dozier, and was rewarded for being a large, heavy man who runs when Quintana uncorked a pitch in the dirt, allowing the young Twin to score.

Same two teams tomorrow afternoon.  Enjoy your weekend, everybody.

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