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2015 MLB mock draft: Keith Law projects Kolby Allard to the Twins

Baseball! Mock drafts! Expert Keith Law! Kolby Allard, southpaw!

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

MLB Drafts aren't as popular as NFL drafts for the general public, but baseball nerds like us appreciate the efforts all the same. For months there have been mock drafts as sources across the Internet have taken way-too-far-in-advance shots at what might happen come June.

Keith Law knows that even three weeks is pretty early for a mock, considering how much things shift and jostle in the run up to the big day, but as one of the most respected pundits in the industry it was only a matter of time before he could delay no longer. Last year he called Nick Gordon to the Twins at number five overall and he was right; a lot of people projected Gordon to the Twins, to be fair.

Who is Kolby Allard? We'll get into him in depth in our upcoming series of scouting reports, but let me hit a few important bits for you based off of Law's scouting.

  • Law considers Allard to be the best left-handed pitcher available in this year's draft, and possibly the best overall high school pitcher
  • While the fastball is already a good pitch, both it and the curve could be plus offerings for Allard down the line
  • Allard possesses advanced mechanics for his age
  • It's only his height (6' 0") that keeps him from being in contention for the #1 overall pick: "...two inches taller" says Law
  • Potential for plus command
The caveat here for Law is Allard's health status. It sounds like he's heard Daz Cameron's name pop up too, but with rumors that Cameron is looking for more than slot was enough for Law to go with the left-hander.

Allard isn't a name that's been at the top of my wish list (Alex Bregman, Kyle Tucker, Jon Harris, Kyle Funkhouser, and the aforementioned Cameron are still at the top for me), but Law's guesses - particularly at the top of the draft where there's less fallout from unexpected choices - are always informed. Will he nail the Twins' selection again this year?