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Last minute gift ideas for Kent Hrbek

Holy $#!+, we forgot Hrbie's birthday!

"Where's my damn present, Twinkie Town?"
"Where's my damn present, Twinkie Town?"
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Ahhh... It's May 21st, a great time of the year here in Minnesota. A time when everyone is... wait, May 21st? Oh crap, it's Kent Hrbek's birthday!!!

I forgot to get him something! Did you get him something? I'm such a screw up.

Quick, to Google!

Hrbek Birthday Gift Search 1

If you had the top two results of that search as a GQ article and an article about Rick Ross, raise your hand.

Clearly, we need to adjust our query.

Hrbek Birthday Gift Search 2

These look like Kent Hrbek Gifts, not Gifts for Kent Hrbek. There has to be a website out there dedicated to Kent Hrbek gift suggestions! Come on Google!

Let's try again.

Hrbek Birthday Gift Search 3

Seriously? None of these even have anything to do with fishing.

Let's go in this direction

Hrbek Birthday Gift Question Twitter

No response.

But that will not deter me.

I'll keep on looking.

Kent Hrbek Birthday 4

I'm not sure if we're getting closer or further from our intended goal, but I'm going to say closer and give myself a pat on the back.

I think I can make this pretty good with a minor adjustment...

Kent Hrbek Birthday 5

Pictures of Hrbie holding up beers...

Wait a second!

Kent Hrbek beer

There we go!

Man, how did anyone figure out what to buy people for their birthday's before Google?

Happy Birthday, Kent!

You guys have any other last-minute Kent Hrbek gift suggestions?


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kent Hrbek Faved my Tweets