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Lazy GDT: Twins @ White Sox

Favorite teams of President Obama and future co-Presidents Emily/Maren Mauer square off.

May contemplating a visit from family. It's stress sweat.
May contemplating a visit from family. It's stress sweat.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

(Note to whoever puts this up; I'm scheduling it because I said I would, but PLEASE feel free to erase anything I type here!)

Lazy/quickie version this week, folks, Jesse gave me the day off for family in town. Let's hope none of us kill each other. In Oregon everyone leaves, and while some come back, it's common to have family spread all over everywhere so you only see them twice a decade. The extended-family Midwest vibe may be wonderful, yet I'll never do it.

Your scheduled pitchers are May and Chris Sale. Again, quickie, so no stat tables, they're not hard to find anyhoo. Sale has been striking out over 9 per 9, suffering from a high .314 BABIP (see, stat teachers, I kinda pay attention!)

May, you know. Not his heart and soul (he's from the Northwest, he posesses neither, look in vain should you wish) but what he's been like on the mound. MLB's Probable Pitchers blurb says last week's 6.2 innings against Tampa was Trevor's longest career outing. Huh, that seems short. He's still young . . . damn the young.

I'd say lineups will be posted when available, however that may be untrue, and WHO CARES! They're all Twins hitters! They can beat anybody! [Edit: Hi, my name is Jesse, and I've inserted the lineups. Party time!] Even a guy who strikes out a ton of batters! Enjoy the game, y'all!