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Blue Jays Power Past Twins, 6-4

Minnesota unable to capitalize on hot start with Chris friggin' Colabello providing the margin for Toronto.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins jumped all over longtime nemesis Mark Buehrle in the first inning, plating four runs and activating the Toronto bullpen.

They should have scored more than that.

A 3-run dong from Josh Donaldson in the fifth, followed by a clutch dong from former Twin Chris Colabello in the ninth, powered Toronto past the streaking Twins on their way to a 6-4 victory.

The Twins opened the scoring on a run-scoring single from Joe Mauer (not a homer smh) after a leadoff double from Brian Dozier.  A Torii Hunter double scored Shane Robinson, a Kurt Suzuki single scored Mauer, and a sac fly by my friend Brad's guy Ed Escobar scored Hunter.  4-0 Twins after one inning with Buehrle on the ropes.

And then Buehrle looked 10 years younger.

He retired 100 Twins in a row (est.), while Toronto evened the score against Trevor May, then took the lead against closer Glen Perkins (who did not seem pleased with the strike zone at all, along with most of his teammates).

Oh well.  Chris friggin' Colabello.  What're you gonna do?

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