Catching up with Ex-Twin Boof Bonser

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I had the chance to speak with Boof Bonser during spring training. We caught up about his days playing in Minnesota, playing in Taiwan and if he has plans on playing this season:

Ex-Twins News: You've appeared in 111 MLB games in your career, 96 of which came with the Twins. What were some of your best memories as a Twin?

Boof Bonser: Best memories where just being able to put the twins jersey on every day, and playing with a good group of guys.

Ex-Twins News: You were drafted in the 1st round in 2000, as an 18 year old kid. What do you remember from that experience?

Boof Bonser: Well my family had a draft party for me and all friends. When the Giants called and told me the news the whole house went crazy.

Ex-Twins News: From what I know, you've spent parts of the past few seasons playing in Taiwan. How is the game different over there?

Boof Bonser: Taiwan was more about speed than power.

Ex-Twins News: What are some cool experiences from playing in Taiwan? What are some not so cool experiences?

Boof Bonser: Just having the chance to play in a different culture. The bad thing was you have to learn another language fast.

Ex-Twins News: You played on one of the best Twins teams ever (2006), a team that very well could have gone to the World Series. It was also your first MLB season. What do you remember from that 2006 team?

Boof Bonser: I remember everything from that year. It was a lot of fun.

Ex-Twins News: That 2006 team had the AL MVP (Morneau) AL Cy Young (Santana) rookie phenom (Liriano) Gold Glove winner (Hunter). Just how good was that team?

Boof Bonser: That team was very good. It was fun to watch on a daily basis.

Ex-Twins News: As a 24 yr old kid, you came up in 2006, with Brad Radke on the pitching staff. What kind of guidance/advice was he able to give you as a rookie?

Boof Bonser: Brad Radke was great anytime I had a question he would answer it. Or I could just sit down and talk baseball and pick his brain about the game.

Ex-Twins News: any chance you can confirm or deny this report?

Boof Bonser: Yes I'm retired now. No phone calls from anyone so I'm finished.

Ex-Twins News: What do you remember from playing in the Metrodome?

Boof Bonser: Knowing that’s we were going to play every night. I liked it there, a lot of other teams didn't.

Ex-Twins News: Your MLB debut came against the Brewers in 2006, you struck out 8. What do you remember from that day?

Boof Bonser: That day was crazy, my family and friends came to the game. I was nervous all day.

Ex-Twins News: You are still a fan favorite among Twins fans, myself included. How does that feel to be remembered and appreciated by a loyal fan base?

Boof Bonser: That is great. I appreciate it all. Hopefully I can get back in the game with the Twins somehow as a coach and make it back to Minnesota.

Ex-Twins News: You came to the Twins with Francisco Liriano and Joe Nathan. What was it like finding out that you had been traded by the team that drafted you?

Boof Bonser: It was crazy, I thought I did something wrong because why would I be getting traded.

Ex-Twins News: You had the chance to play on the Twins with Liriano and Nathan, did you play with them in the SF system?

Boof Bonser: No I didn't. Joe Nathan was older than me and I was ahead of Francisco Liriano.

Ex-Twins News: From my last count, you've played for 20 different teams from the Minors, including MLB and Independent League and Taiwan. Does it feel like it's been that many?

Boof Bonser: Wow it doesn't. But I guess with the minor league put in there, that's crazy.

Ex-Twins News: What are you up to these days?

Boof Bonser: I'm just hanging out wondering if I can get back into the game of baseball.

Thanks to Boof for being a good sport and for answering our questions!