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Thursday Twins Talk: Is the Sky Falling?

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Since we last met, the Twins' winning has been...well, more limited than it had been the weeks prior. The Twins have gone 3-7 in their last ten games, and as Minnesota sports fans are wont to do, people are calling it a season already. Let's just all keep in mind: it's early June, and there is a LOT of baseball left.

-Michael Rand touches on how social media can affect players and their mentality, as Danny Santana started reading a lot of things about himself on Twitter. This poses an interesting question about life as a pro athlete in the age of anonymous and constant access to 'feedback' about your performance - at what point do you just tune everything out, even the good things? The idea of being able to converse with your favorite athlete from the comfort of your own home is, to be honest, pretty cool, but there's obviously a line that a lot of people cross...

-Did you read all the great draft coverage this week? Jesse has you covered! What are your thoughts on the Twins' picks this year?

-Speaking of drafts, here's a look at the 2005 MLB draft and what's become of many of the players (hint: a lot of them have been pretty successful!).

-Tom Powers thinks the Twins will keep losing, but not this much. "Average is good"! We'll return to the #DanceParty days, don't you worry...

-In former Twins news, Delmon Young has apparently been struggling at the plate enough that it's being written about. Nothing noted about how things are going with the hibachi, though.

-And finally, in general baseball news, despite the no-hitter and World Series wins and whatever, the Giants are kind of having a rough go with player injuries so far this year. Bummer.

What's Next

The Twins have today off, but start a 3 game series against the Texas Rangers tomorrow. The series will be at Globe Life Park in Arlington, and Friday's pitchers have Tommy Milone facing Wandy Ramirez. Game time Friday night is 7:05 pm CST.