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Twins sign first-round pick Tyler Jay

Minnesota inks number six overall pick.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins managed to sign Nick Gordon quite quickly after they selected him fifth overall in the 2014 MLB Draft, announcing his deal just four days after he was taken. They've moved quickly once again with Illinois left-hander Tyler Jay, announcing his signing nine days after Minnesota made him the sixth overall pick in the 2015 draft.

Keeping the first-round pick at slot is big in terms of the flexibility it allows the Twins with the other nine players taken in the first ten rounds. With a draft pool just north of $6.9 million to begin with, the club has a little more than $3 million with which to sign the other nine players - as well as any other players that the organization inks for a signing bonus of $100,000 or more after the tenth round.

Drafting a first-round pick who insists on signing for over slot value can have a big effect on a club's chances to sign their other top picks, as that first-rounder rarely holds out for just a few extra bucks. I anticipate that the Twins, as they do in most years, will sign the vast majority of their top ten selections.

Jay, who will pitch his professional debut as a reliever through the rest of 2015 in order to control his innings after a full collegiate season, heads to Fort Myers. He'll train there before debuting for the Advanced-A ball Miracle. Following this season Jay will transition into a starting pitcher.

The big one is in the door. Who's next?