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Hughes, Plouffe Smother Cubs, 7-2

Nice, easy wins are good and fun.

ha ha the cubs are never gonna win a world series
ha ha the cubs are never gonna win a world series
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Trevor Plouffe had a terrible night running the bases Friday.  Fortunately, he had a terrific night clearing them, as his four runs batted in combined with a dominant Phil Hughes to lead the Twins to a 7-2 stomping of the Cubs on Friday night.

Plouffe was caught off first and/or second base three times in the first five innings, but more than made up for it with some luck and some power.  With the bases loaded in the first, his double-play grounder was mishandled with a vengeance by Starlin Castro, allowing the first two runs to score.  His double in the third scored Eddie Rosario, and another double in the fifth scored Joe Mauer and Brian Dozier.

Meanwhile, Phil Hughes was 2014 Phil Hughes.  He allowed just one run (an Anthony Rizzo solo dong) on two hits in eight strong innings of work, retiring 15 in a row at one point.  Rizzo stroked a second dong off J.R. Graham in the ninth, which was possibly some consolation to the Cubs fans in attendance, god help their black souls.

My friend Brad's guy Ed Escobar also had an RBI, and everything is good again in the North Loop.

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Enjoy your weekend, everybody