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Early Twins lead turns into a dumpster fire, White Sox win 6-2

Well that sucked.

Looks like someone had a bunch of Rally Beers and it wasn't the Twins...
Looks like someone had a bunch of Rally Beers and it wasn't the Twins...
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This game really was going pretty well for the Twins for awhile there tonight. Eddie Rosario hit a solo home run in the bottom of the first to give the Twins an early lead. Mike Pelfrey looked alright through the first five frames, giving up only one earned run while working out of a couple jams. Heck, even Torii Hunter had a little flash in his glove catching this  liner from Avisail Garcia.

The White Sox tied it 1-1 in the top of the fourth inning, which the Twins quickly answered with an RBI double by Kurt Suzuki in the bottom half. But it was all down hill from there...

The White Sox tied the game back up at 2-2 with a run in the top of the sixth. Then they picked up another run in the top of the seventh. Top of the eighth? Another run. Ninth? Two runs! None of these runs came on particularly big hits either.

Meanwhile the Twins.... *fartnoise*

Highlights? Byron Buxton got thrown out easily trying to steal a base to end the seventh inning. And that two run top of the ninth? Came partially thanks to this doozy of a play by Torii Hunter. I mean, WTF?


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Comment of the Gamethread

Bananorama: "Torii, WHAT THE FUCK."


  • Joe Mauer: 2-for-4, 0 SO, only Twin with more than 1 hit, and a generally tall guy.
  • Torii Hunter: 1-for-3, 1 E (seriously, dawg...)
  • Brian Dozier: 0-for-4, 2 SO.