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Thursday Twins Talk: Baseball is Still Fun

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins haven't been on quite the tear has they have been, but let's all remember that summer is great and baseball is still the best with some fun (? maybe?) links!

-Miguel Cabrera made a new friend during a Tigers-Indians game, and it was pretty funny. I'm still not fully on board the Miggy hype train (I hold a grudge a long time), but I'll admit his reaction was pretty good.

-Less fun: Aaron Hicks is starting his rehab stint after an elbow injury, but there's no real set time for his return. It'll be interesting to see how the Hicks/Buxton situation plays out, especially since Ervin Santana will be returning to the team after the All Star Game.

-Michael Tonkin was sent down to AAA Rochester after Wednesday's game, leaving a roster spot open. Who will be called up? Another bullpen pitcher? Danny Santana, who's torn it up after being sent down a couple weeks ago? WHAT IS HAPPENING.

-The SBN Cardinals blog has a good piece about their current investigation situation. There's a link to the NYT story as well - both well worth a read.

-And finally: who is the best leadoff hitter in Twins' history? Rand has the discussion starter for you at the Strib. What do you say, TT readers? Could Buxton make the list if he ends up playing to his potential?

What's Next

There's no (Twins) baseball tonight, which is kind of a letdown, but the boys are back tomorrow against the Brewers in Milwaukee. Probable starters are Trevor May and Kyle Lohse. Game time is 7:10 pm CST - don't forget to stop by for your game thread!