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Brewers Throttle May, Meyer, Twins 10-4

Trevor May had "just one of those nights."

Pretty much, yeah
Pretty much, yeah
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Trevor May has arguably been the best Twins starting pitcher this year.

Trevor May got one man out on Friday night, and posted a game ERA of 135.00.

Alex Meyer made his MLB debut Friday night.

Alex Meyer got four more outs than Trevor May, but also got tagged for two jack jobs and four runs.

So, it was an off-night.

Milwaukee's 10-4 victory started off promisingly for the visiting Twins, as Brian Dozier stroked his 15th dong in the first inning.  That promise promptly evaporated, as May had nothing at all.  The Brewers scored a total of six runs off May, who exited the game after notching the aforementioned single out.  The last Twins starters to do this: P.J. Walters (2012), Brad Radke (2002), Scott Aldred (1997).  (Source: Judi Gleeman's son.)

There was still some suspense for Twins fans, though, as succeeding May was prospect Alex Meyer, in the relief role he's transitioned to (quite effectively) in the minors this year.  He was...not quite effective, giving up sloppy taters to Aramis Ramirez and Scooter Gennett in 1.2 innings of work.

If you want a little positivity, Trevor Plouffe absolutely destroyed a baseball with a runner on, so the final was less embarrassing than 10-2.  But it was still a pretty lousy game.  For now, the official opinion is mirage, not trend.

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