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MIN 5, MIL 2: Gun Show

Chicks dig the long ball. Chicks only, please; don't make Torii uncomfortable.

Waving your guns at somebody new. Baby, you're lost.
Waving your guns at somebody new. Baby, you're lost.
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins scored all their runs on long-dongs today. Hooray! The Twins' offensive problems are solved! Kyle Gibson continued getting guys to hit weak grounders. Hooray! Kyle Gibson is a superstar! Forget it, we're ALL superstars!

What more do you need? The radio cooed over Torii Hunter after this game, since Torii hit two dongs. Eduardo Escobar hit the game-winner, a three-run shot, but let's face it, he's so totally not dreamy.

After Escobar Hunter's heroic blast, the Brewers only made one serious threat in the 7th. Blaine Boyer struck out Gerardo Parra to end it. Hooray! The Twins' bullpen is PURE LOCKDOWN, BABY!

It wuz a fun game, hope you watched it, or listened to it, or heard tell of its mighty feats through song and story. Mayday Milone pitches tommorrow.

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