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Thursday Twins Talk: Dance Parties, Draft Picks, and Buying Kirby's House

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

This week, we have a few good stories to touch on, and one that's a little...bizarre? Let's jump right in, shall we?

-The Twins made it possible for you to express to all your friends and Twitter people just how much you love them, creating some rather...interesting emojis this week. I won't lie to you, though - I have definitely sent out the TC one already.

-Nick Nelson discusses if the Twins' winning is something that's actually sustainable. Spoiler alert: the consensus is "probably not", but enjoy it all while you can.

-Almost 40-year-old Torii Hunter has made it pretty clear that Minnesota is the last team he'll be playing for, but can the Twins expect him back on the field with an extension or perhaps in a different role? Do we want to see Torii back in the outfield next season?

-Want to buy Kirby Puckett's former home? Have a million-plus dollars? All yours!

-The Twins may have to "roll the dice" again on a draft pick this year. The last time, as Berardino points out, worked out alright for the team.

-My favorite story from this week comes from Jim Souhan. I know, I know, but I can't deny: #DanceParty is taking Minnesota by storm and it's just so dang enjoyable. Also, I need light-up, flashing gloves. Anyone know where to track those down?

Coming Up
The Twins take on the Boston Red Sox today at 3:05 pm CST, as Tommy Milone takes the mound against Boston's Steven Wright. The Twins are looking for a series split, after splitting the double-header yesterday and dropping the first game of the series. Make sure to stop by later for all your game-time needs!