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The Hosken Powell Memorial Linkdump: This Season Is So Weird

No, really.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Your news and notes for this Friday:

  • If you missed yesterday's game, the Twins looked like they were going to get creamed and ended up winning comfortably.  As opposed to the previous four years, when a 4-0 deficit (thanks to sloppy play, bad luck, and/or weak starting pitching) led to, like, an 8-1 final.  This season is so weird.
  • The Royals lost, so your Minnesota Twins are now leading the AL Central by an entire game.  It is June 5.  More optimism:  They're also 4.5 games clear of the second wild card spot, so they'd have to play like shit for a whole week before falling out of the playoffs, which they haven't really done since the first week of the year.  This season is so weird.
  • Meanwhile, the Tigers are in such a free fall that Bless You Boys is openly speculating about if/when they should blow the whole thing up and rebuild.  This season is so weird.
  • As you may know from your buddy in Menomonie who's coming into town and needs a place to crash and you're being polite but Jesus he can't handle his liquor and you wish he'd chip in even a little for all the food he eats, the Twins play the Brewers at Target Field this weekend.  And Milwaukee's Friday and Saturday starting pitchers will be very familiar to Minnesota fans, as Kyle Lohse and Matt Garza will be toeing the rubber.  All your "Ron Gardenhire office door" jokes are now invalid, sadly.
  • Also, as Marc Normandin notes at the mothership, Ryan Braun's thumb is still an issue, and he has to stick it in a freezer or some shit to be effective.
This season is so weird.