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Brewers, Lind Drill Twins, 10-5

Adam Lind drives in six as Twins comeback goes for naught.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Much like Thursday, the Twins battled back from an early deficit to tie the game.

Unlike Thursday, the opponent fought back.

Milwaukee jumped on Kyle Gibson early, then the bullpen and defense combined to help the Brewers late as the Twins kicked this one away, 10-5.  Adam Lind alone had six RBIs (or ribbies).

Gibby gave up three home runs in the early going, including a 3-run dong by the aforementioned Lind.  The Twins roared back in the 5th, tying the game on a 3-run HR by Joe Mauer (not a typo).

Would Friday's game mirror Thursday spirited 8-4 comeback whipping of Boston?


Carlos Gomez bat-flipped a double with 2 outs in the 8th, then Torii Hunter traditionally botched a Lind liner to right that scored Gomez. Then, well, then an infield pop was misplayed by just about everyone, kicked off Kurt Suzuki's glove, and allowed Lind to score.

Lest you were worried that the clown show wouldn't continue, the Brewers hammed Brian Deunsing in the 9th, tacking on three more runs to conclude the game.

Best to just forget about this one and get back at it tomorrow, in my seasoned opinion.  If you're going to regress, do it all in one game.

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Enjoy the weekend, everybody.