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MIL 4, MIN 2: Bullpen Day, Groundhog Day

Deja vu is real. Not really real, you don't have supernatural powers to pre-see things before they occur, but when things occur again and again, it's a major bummer, dudes/dudettes.

Shout, shout, let it all out, this is the face we could do without.
Shout, shout, let it all out, this is the face we could do without.
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Today was Bullpen Day. Because of rain last Monday, the Twins were short one starting pitcher today and ran out J.R. Graham instead.

Twins manager Paul "Mollsy" Molitor said before the game that he planned to use Graham for 70-75 pitches, as Mollsy is a Lying Liar Who Lies. Graham only went 63! Lying Liar Mollsy! (It's likely Graham was honest in the dugout about feeling his arm getting tired, which means that's a good dugout atmosphere for communication, but I'll stick with Mollsy, Lying Liar.)

Didn't much matter. Even though Ryan Pressley in the next inning threw 12 (twelve, 2x6 or 3x4) straight balls and walked three Brewers (1x3), none scored. Bullpen Day worked out better than could have been feared. (Although imagining how Bullpen Day will affect the next few games is a bit spooky.)

No, what killed was Super Mega Pitching by baseball's last-place team. In the fifth inning, down by a point, the Twins had them some bases loaded with no persons out. Aaron "For Reals This Time" Hicks popped out. Danny Santana, after a pretty epic stretch of foul-offs, made GIDP. None runs.

In the seventh inning, was there was a runner guy on third base with one out. Hicks and Santana were due. Nope.

You might take these paragraphs as "I'm sarcastic about the Brewers having Super Mega Pitching, I'm really annoyed with Twins hitters." And you'd be right.

Of course, I can't poke fingers at professional baseballers, they're all better than 99.9999% of the world at what they do. It was just super-frustrating to have Hicks and Santana repeat nearly the same scenario twice.

I took a breather walk after the first time, came back, and it was happening again. It was like playing a video game where you can't solve some level until you find the Orb Of Punto or such. You go away, find an Orb, repeat the level, and you still can't win. "Dammit" (mashing buttons into oblivion) "what's wrong with this thing!"

(This frustration is a pitfall of actually caring about Twins games. It's not a bad frustration to have, so long as we have it.)

The Twins can avoid a sweep with Pelf the Elf tomorrow. Root for him, why dontcha?

Appears our rain will hold off until later, so I'm gonna mosey on down to the Saints game and see what tickets are available. Anybody else there, eyes out for the worst-looking dude in the stadium with the best-looking old-school jersey and say hi!