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Brian Dozier loses All-Star Game Final Vote

Looks like the Doziers won't have to worry about cancelling their reservations for that cabin up north next week...

It IS Kansas City. What else are they supposed to do all day?
It IS Kansas City. What else are they supposed to do all day?
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, Royals fans did it again. Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas beat our Brian Dozier, who placed second, in the All-Star Game Final Vote, which ended today with the oh-so-fun final stretch where baseball fans flood Twitter with stupid hashtaged tweets that count as votes.

Moustakas reportedly received 19.3 million votes total. You have to admit, that is damn impressive. There's no report on how many votes Dozier received, although MLB said Moustakas was able to hold off a strong push by Dozier at the deadline, indicating it might have been close.

Brian Dozier was the graceful loser after the winners were announced. "I wouldn’t say it’s disappointing," he told reporters. "I feel blessed and honored to make it this far. You want to be there and it would be a great honor to represent the Twins but I’m still in shock and awe of all the support."

Dozier also made a video to thank you, for wasting all your time trying to beat the Royals fans this week your support.