Get To Know The Junior Rolling Twins Wheelchair Softball Team

This picture was from 2012 when we opened our new ballpark, I was 11 at the time -

Hello there, Twinkie Townsians. I'm back again with another (more serious) FanPost. As you may know from my recent GDT comments, my softball team, the Junior Rolling Twins, are going to the Junior Wheelchair Softball World Series in Omaha, Nebraska on July 31. Since you obviously aren't THAT acquainted with us, it might be a good idea for me to tell you more about this team. Here is everything you need to know about the 2015 Junior Rolling Twins:

This isn't our first rodeo

The Junior Twins have gone to the national tournament every year since 2008. It was actually hosted in Minneapolis in 2012, to christen Todd Anderson Field, Minnesota's first (and only to date) softball field specifically designed for wheelchair use. We made the National Championship Game in front of the home crowd, but lost 13-4. The next year's tournament was in Baltimore, MD. We got our revenge and won the national championship. I wasn't able to make it to that tourney, so my teammates got to celebrate our first ever national title without me. The next year was my first experience with kid pitch wheelchair softball, which was introduced in 2013. I came in against Baltimore to pinch hit for Emilee Gustafson, our first baseman. I started off swinging at the first pitch. Missed. Ball one, ball two. 2-1 count. Saw a good pitch, smacked it down the 3rd base line. My only hit of the tournament came in my first AB. We ended up getting to the national title again, but lost 1-0. Hopefully in a few weeks I can capture that elusive championship.

Every count starts 1-1 this year

To clarify, if the first pitch is a ball it's a 2-1 count and so on and so forth. This is to speed up play, just in case there's a rain delay and we need to get another game in at a certain time. My one lifetime hit kinda has me at a disadvantage in practice as far as the rule change goes. My coach starts me with 0-0 even when I need to prepare for nationals' 1-1 count.

It gets pretty serious at nationals

Wheelchair softball is pretty serious in general. MLB sponsorships, (the Twins sponsor us, the Cubs sponsor Chicago, Orioles sponsor Baltimore, you get the point.) music blaring during batting practice, pregame introductions, announcers (it's really just a volunteer with a microphone, but it's still cool) I can't wait to see what they've got lined up for this year.

Well that's all folks. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. 15 days until the 2015 Wheelchair World Series. The other teams this year, if you were wondering, are Nebraska, (host team) Chicago Rolling Cubs, LWSRA Falcons (reigning champions from Forest Lake, IL), and Baltimore Blazers. Hopefully I can win that title this season. I will be writing recaps during the tournament. GO (JUNIOR ROLLING) TWINS GO!!!