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Second-Half Storylines We Scrapped Because the Twins Ended Up Being Good

We are thrilled to announce that we don't anticipate needing these.

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Craig Jones/Getty Images

  • Did the Twins make a mistake letting Ron Gardenhire go?
  • Is Paul Molitor up to the challenge of being a major league manager?
  • Should the Twins trade Glen Perkins to the Tigers if the price is right?  Or trade outside the division even if the return is less valuable?
  • What do the Twins do when Brian Dozier demands a trade?
  • Are you looking forward to the 25th anniversary of the 1991 World Series next year?
  • Holy shit, Tim Stauffer is playing for Gary Gaetti now.  Holy shit. (We still may use this one.)
  • I'm just gonna see a movie on Friday instead of watching the Twins game and write about that.  Maybe Inside Out.  It'll get more clicks.
  • Fuck it, let's go get LaTroy Hawkins.
  • At what point in the season does StubHub just say, "Are you sure about that?" when you try to buy a ticket?
  • Remember Kirby Puckett?  He was awesome at baseball.
  • Did the Twins give up on Anthony Slama too soon?  Here are 4000 words about that.
  • Let's call up Alex Wimmers.  Chaos is our only friend now.
  • Should we write about the Saints instead?  Will SB Nation let us do that?
  • I guess we should make fun of the White Sox for wasting Chris Sale's prime. (We still may use this one.)
  • Wouldn't it be awesome if the Twins had too many starting pitching options?  Let's ponder that unicorn.
  • How many push-ups do you think I can do?  I bet I could do 20-30 easy, I've been working out.