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Who makes up the Twins playoff rotation?

Jesse is thinking ahead.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't going to be a long entry, because I wanted to just pose the idea to you. As of today, what would the Twins' playoff rotation look like?

In some prep for an entry which may or may not appear this weekend, I was mulling ideas regarding Minnesota trading for one of the market's top starting pitchers: Johnny Cueto, James Shields, Cole Hamels, David Price. They'll all be expensive and it's highly unlikely that the club would be willing to pull off something so drastic; it's also absolutely true that the club would probably be better off in the long run by not making this kind of a trade. The rotation isn't bad as it stands and there are plenty of internal options for rotation spots in the near future.

Having understood those things, the Twins' rotation in October wouldn't be imposing in the slightest. Ervin Santana would have been a nice feather in the cap but he isn't eligible for the post-season roster.

Who's left? Phil Hughes and Kyle Gibson seem like the best of the bunch. After that there's Ricky Nolasco (may not return this season), Mike Pelfrey, and Tommy Milone. But you already know who I think would be the best third pitcher: Trevor May. And he's currently sitting in the bullpen.

Who do you think would make the Twins' rotation in October, should we be fortunate enough to see our team make it that far?