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Hughes, Twins Steamroll Yanks, 10-1

Miguel Sano is strong as hell.

Strong. As. Hell.
Strong. As. Hell.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Didn't you used to be the New York Yankees?

The longtime Twins nemesis, who dominated the Twins even when they weren't dominating anyone anymore, were completely overwhelmed on Friday night, as Minnesota cruised to a 10-1 victory.

But enough about the game, can we talk about Miguel Sano's home run?

In the bottom of the first, Sano came to the plate with a runner on and 2 outs, worked the count full, then turned on an inside pitch.

It looked like it would be a pop to medium center.  It *sounded* like it would go a bit farther.  And it did, as Jacoby Ellsbury kept drifting back and drifting back and then it was like, holy hell, that's a home run.

As noted above, Miguel Sano is strong as hell.

Phil Hughes was the other story, who scattered harmless singles most of the night without allowing his former team to touch him.  He did load the bases in the 7th ("BABIP'd to death," per Phil Mackey, correctly), but wiggled out of the jam to end his night.

The Twins offense built on Sano's freakish dong with aplomb and frequency, providing Hughes with ample run support as he pushed his record to 9-6 and his ERA below 4.00. Kurt Suzuki remembered to be good again, stroking two RBI singles.  Aaron Hicks also knocked in two on a single and a sac fly, while Torii Hunter, Trevor Plouffe, and Brian Dozier all stroked remarkable dongs to round out the scoring.

That was a very fun game to watch and I would like to see more like them.


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Enjoy your weekend, everybody.