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A Fan's Notes (Note 1: J.A. Happ Is Bad.)

Stu went to the game last night. Here are his thoughts.

God you are bad J.A. Happ.
God you are bad J.A. Happ.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

My friend Dave took me to Thursday night's Twins/Mariners tilt at Target Field.  Here are my thoughts on it.

  • I was wondering if Seattle's reputation for bad, non-King Felix pitching was well-earned.  Then I watched the first inning. The "J.A." in J.A. Happ stands for "Just Awful."  This is my joke.  I made it. Please retweet.
  • Phil Hughes wasn't sharp, either, but got his sixth consecutive win.  His referred to his 5-inning victory as a "five-and-dive," and I like this expression.
  • Also from Phil Miller's Twitter feed, Fun with Small Sample Sizes:
  • I was there the night that Aaron Hicks was intentionally walked so they could pitch to Joe Mauer.  This actually happened, and it made sense:
  • The Bro Haircuts of Target Field:
    Their inability to stand up and sit down at the right time of game action was frankly stunning.  American Crew Fiber Pliable Molding Creme must affect situational awareness.
  • I've been to enough games at Target Field that I can give my official and authoritative Best Place for a Pre-Game Drink and Nosh to The Depot Tavern.  It is wonderful.
  • Really thought Eddie Rosario was gonna hit for the cycle.
  • If you're wondering where Robinson Cano was last night: abdominal strain. If you are still clinging to Twins-related optimism/'Nant Fever, the very worst the Twins can do this weekend is 3 out of 4, especially with the Tulo & Price-improved Blue Jays looming.
  • It was nice to see Glen Perkins work around a leadoff walk to pitch an otherwise stress-free 9th inning.  Here is a picture of him and a dude in a red shirt:
We'll be back later today if the Twins make any trade deadline moves at all.  Is Bobby Kielty coming back? Twinkie Town is on it.