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MIN 5, KC 3: Everybody Say "Saint Paul"

America's birthday celebrated by Twins from Minnesota's capitol city.

Uncle Sam-ish, with a blue velvet cape, a crown, and a flasher pose.
Uncle Sam-ish, with a blue velvet cape, a crown, and a flasher pose.
Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Mercurial Mike continued his Mysterious Ways, today. His sinker was dancing, his soul was playing the drums. Then that ecstasy wore off, and Pelfrey loaded the bases with no outs in Royals Frame Five. Lorenzo Cain plated two and Pelfrey was done. 4+ IP, 75 pitches, 7 H, 3 ER, 3 K, 3 BB.

In related news, the Twins announced that Trevor May is losing his spot in the rotation, and will possibly be demoted to Rochester after the All-Star break.

You knew the Twins would be in trouble if they ever lost the lead in this game, and thanks to Saint Paul natives Mauer and Perkins, they didn't. Mauer had four hits -- four pull field hits, including a first-inning, two-run dong -- suggesting he's been taking fellow St. Paul-ian Paul Molitor's advice about elongating one's career by mainlining pure Extract Of Walleye Testosterone or whatever it is.

Perkins came in and looked crazy good. Since when does he throw a slow curve? FanGraphs says he hasn't done that since 2010, but he whipped it out one time today. Right now, Perkins could probably throw a knuckler or softball-style windmill underhand and get away with it.

Getting to Perkins has been a problem. Bizarrely, the Twins bullpen cobbled it together in this one. Ryan Pressley left the game after summoning trainers to the mound -- that's not good. Stray observations:

-- Yeah, Trevor Plouffe had a single, double, and triple, but it doesn't fit my "Saint Paul native" imposed narrative.

-- Mauer's now tied for third all-time among visiting players getting hits at Kaufmann Stadium, per Kris Atteberry on Twins radio. Mauer's tied with A-Roid, trailing Hunter and Anthony James.

-- Both teams had trippy, subtle-shading patriotic America fielding caps. I want to see more of these, not just on military-themed holidays. Can we have players design their own? I wanna see me some fish, deer antlers, and definitely spooky skulls.

-- By some reckonings, the 4th of July is the most deadly day for auto accidents, so be safe out there.

The other Johan Santana goes tomorrow, against Royals lefty Danny Duffy. See ya!

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