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Game 82: Twins at Royals

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Ervin Santana's return comes as Minnesota has an opportunity to take three of four from the Royals in Kansas City.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

First pitch: 1:10pm CDT

Radio: Go 96.3, TIBN, BOB FM
Know Thine Enemy: Royals Review

Pre-Game Notes

  • Ervin Santana's debut is a big game. Not only is it against his most recent club prior to the Twins, but the Twins will either leave Kansas City by taking three of four games...or a series split. Getting out of Kauffman with a series win would be huge for Minnesota right now.
  • Did you see our roster notes catch-up? There've been a flurry of moves since Friday.
  • Let's just talk about how much I love the fact that Miguel Sano and Eddie Rosario are batting fifth and sixth respectively. Outstanding.
  • Yesterday was the fourth of July. Happy successful colonial insurrection anniversary, everyone!

Today's Lineups

Brian Dozier - 2B Alcides Escobar - SS
Joe Mauer - 1B Mike Moustakas - 3B
Torii Hunter - RF Lorenzo Cain - CF
Trevor Plouffe - 3B Eric Hosmer - 1B
Miguel Sano - DH Kendrys Morales - DH
Eddie Rosario - LF Alex Gordon - LF
Eduardo Nunez - SS Omar Infante - 2B
Kurt Suzuki - C Jarrod Dyson - RF
Aaron Hicks - CF Drew Butera - C
Ervin Santana - RHP Danny Duffy - LHP