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Game 113: Rangers at Twins

Can the Twins win a series? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!

"Vote Huckabee or I will roundhouse kick you in the face."
"Vote Huckabee or I will roundhouse kick you in the face."
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When I was a kid I'd always watch reruns of Walker, Texas Ranger with my dad. I liked the "good guys always win" genre; Power Rangers, Digimon, and the kind of obscure show Gargoyles. We didn't have cable TV for a long time so I would make my mom drive to my grandpa's house to watch Gargoyles. It was a pretty kick ass show, with an awesome opening theme. It was basically Disney's version of Batman, and I think it was their best show. Now, with the nostalgia trip out of the way, let's talk baseball.


The Twins have a chance to win their first series since the all star break. Seriously. The hero the Twins turn to on the mound is Mike Pelfrey. Big Pelf's been inconsistent lately, seemingly swinging from decent to terrible. Well, last time he was terrible so maybe this time he'll be decent. This is the kind of in depth analysis one can only find on Twinkie Town.

Nick Martinez goes for the walkertexas Rangers and has struggled somewhat since the all star break (6.20 ERA) but has a shiny 2-1 record in four starts. 4 out of 5 dentists agree that a healthy W-L record is crucial for unconditional home broadcast love.


Twins: Hicks CF, Dozier 2B, Mauer 1B, Sano DH, Plouffe 3B, Hunter RF, Rosario LF, Suzuki C, Nunez SS

Rangers: DeShields CF, Choo RF, Fielder DH, Beltre 3B, Moreland 1B, Hamilton LF, Andrus SS, Odor 2B, Wilson C

I'll be out of the house so I won't be in the game thread much at the start of the game.