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Twins 3, Rangers 2: Escobar hits amazing walk-off double

This game was super depressing, as has been the usual, for the Twins until the bottom of the ninth...

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This game, not going to lie, was super depressing. But then Eduardo Escobar lined a two-out double and won the game for the Twins in the bottom of the 9th inning so woooo we're going to the World Series baby!

The real angel of this game was Miguel Angel Sano (his honest to god name), who hit an almost game winning home run off the limestone for a game tying double in the eighth inning. Up until then the Twins had been absolutely anemic and depressing. And, oh yeah, like some guy named Joe Mauer, who hit a double just before that.

The whole beginning of the game was basically as depressive as the Twins have been lately.

The end of this game was as optimistic as we can be about the Twins.


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