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Twins 11, Rangers 1: The Sano Show

Twins finally win a series and get THAT monkey off their back.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This is a game the Twins needed, an easy and comfortable win. Aaron Hicks started his great 4-5 night with a lead-off solo-HR and the Twins never looked back. Three more runs came in the 3rd, two of them on Miguel Sano's massive home run to left center.

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Nick Martinez's troubles did not end there, however. In the very next inning Sano launched another moon shot, this one into the third (yes, third) deck in left field, plating three more runs. Watch this:

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Martinez's night was pretty much done after that; Anthony Bass was brought in to relieve him.

Of course the Twins ate him up, too. They notched four singles, a Dozier-double, and a sac fly on Bass to score four more runs. The sac-fly came off Sano's bat, who got jammed and still managed to muscle it out there. That gave him six (count em, six) RBI for the night. He's kinda good at this baseball stuff.

Meanwhile, the Rangers were flummoxed by Mike Pelfrey for most of the night, beating most of his pitches into the ground. The only time they got to him was in the 6th, but Eddie Rosario ended the inning with a great throw home to nail a runner and the Rangers only scored once. Pelf tossed a shutdown 7th to cap off a very good start. A.J. Achter pitched scoreless 8th and 9th innings to end the game and give the Twins a series win.


We got 18 hits so... EVERYONE


What are duds?


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