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MIN 4, CLE 1: Twins Hit Long Balls, Duffey Wins Another Start

Trevor May's going back to the 'pen, partly thanks to Twins home runs.

Mrs. Mauer told Santana to "send a message" about the beard.
Mrs. Mauer told Santana to "send a message" about the beard.
Andy King/Getty Images

Yessir. Duffey will stay in the rotation for now, Trevor May will be a reliever, and Michael Tonkin goes to AAA. Thanks, Twins, for screwing up my recap. You've got the pertinent data, so here's what I wrote before:

I was really worried for Tyler Duffey. Not in this game; I do not possess the skill of some to foretell how players will do.

No, I was just worried he'd never get to MLB level again, and have that rotten 27.00 ERA stuck on baseball stat sites forever, something he could look up every so often after too many Duff beers and weep into his keyboard. (Or forearm, because by the time Duffey's old, we'll probably have touchscreens grafted onto our flesh or something.)

Happily, no matter what happens from now on, Duffey had at least one nice game. He walked five guys -- five! -- but gave up one double and no runs. He probably wouldn't even have given up that one hit if, somewhere out there, somebody hadn't said "I think he's throwing a no hitter." Which of course is why EVERY NO HITTER GETS LOST. In each instance a no-hitter is thrown, no-one in the world says anything about it.

All the Twins scoring came on homers, provided by Eddie Rosario (sure), Brian Dozier (naturally), and Chris Herrmann (no comment.) After the game, on radio, Herrmann said Tomlin looked pretty good, after appearing in the minors "like he was just going through the motions." Um, Tomlin is recovering from surgery. But it's not's Herrmann's job to know that, so I forgive him, and thanks for the homer.

Duffey's career MLB line, now: 8.0 IP, 8 K, 7 BB, 6 ER, 6 H, 6.75 ERA. There have been far worse in the bigs. Congrats, Duff.

Some nice defense in this one, including plays by the rookies on the left side of Cleveland's infield. See one here and another here.

As you know, I don't do "Comment Of The Thread," and today was a good example why. Everyone was class. Many were funny and nobody was mean-spirited. Can't tell you folks how much I appreciate this.

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