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Yankees 8, Twins 4: A-Rod tramples the Twins again

It's an A-Bomb *sigh* from A-Rod *sigh*......

A-Rod with an employee from the Prospector Theater the Yankees supported for Hope Week.
A-Rod with an employee from the Prospector Theater the Yankees supported for Hope Week.
Elsa/Getty Images

Mike Pelfrey was actually able to hold his own against CC Sabathia tonight, pitching 5.1 innings with only 1 earned run. CC "Hamburgers in my pants" Sabathia, who isn't even having that great of a year, held his own by taking a perfect game into the 5th inning. The Twins got the best of him for a moment, but alas.

Here's an omen from the top of the first inning: With two outs, Joe Mauer hits a grounder to right field and is thrown out because CC Sabathia (Hamburger pants man) is able to cover first before Mauer even gets there and get Mauer out. What? You read that right: Mauer couldn't beat CC [redacted] SABATHIA to first base.

The game was pretty boring after that until the the 7th inning. Tied 1-1, Joe "Lazy Boy" Mauer walked, bringing up Miguel Sano. Wouldn't you know it, he hit the first pitch over the fence so give the Twins a 3-1 lead. Shane Robinson hit an RBI single later in the inning to make it 4-1, so all you Sugar Shane haters can EAT IT.

Unfortunately for the Twins, the bottom of the 7th inning exists. And Alex Rodriguez, one of the most amazing baseball players of all time, exists. The Twins substituted in reliever Ryan O'Rourke, who promptly loaded the bases with A-Rod coming up to bat. While the Twins changed pitchers, I tweeted a Twitter Yankees friend of mine:

J.R. Graham came in

He pitched to Alex Rodriguez

Who hit a grand slam

(a haiku by Myjah)

The slam only put the Yankees one run over the Twins, but in the next inning they poured it on with three more runs and everyone and their dog just knew it was over.

When will this Yankees Curse ever end?



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Comment of the Game Thread

Less Cowbell, more' neau: "I read somewhere the 1987 WS bobblehead of him [Phil Niekro] shows an emery board in his back pocket"


  • Miguel Sano: 2-run home run, tying/passing all kinds of rookie Tins records all the time, a gosh darn hero to men, women, and children.
  • J.R. Graham: It's like you did that on purpose just to be part of history. SMGDH.