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Danny Gladden and Cory Provus on the streets of New York City

This is literally transcribed from the Twins Radio Broadcast. I did not make this up.

"Get out of my way."
"Get out of my way."
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Top of the 6th inning, Twins Radio:

DAN GLADDEN: "Have you ever walked the streets [of New York] and they are kind of crowded, and it's almost like you're doing a two-step because you got to go to your left, get out of your way, then you have to go back to your right, then to your left? It's almost like you're dancing down the side walk and getting out of the way of some of these guys. And then you see those guys with the Yankees hats on and a Yankee shirt and you just keep on walking straight. You're going to make them move!"

*Cory Provus laughs*

DAN GLADDEN: "Huh? All of a sudden you kinda bump into them and you're just trying to turn around and make them apologize!"

COREY PROVUS: "And will they apologize?"

DAN GLADDEN: "SOME DO! But then some kinda look at you and wait for ME to move. I apologize? That ain't going to happen. [to Cory Provus] I'm not sure, do you have that problem? Or are you a dancer, going down the sidewalk, moving out of the way?

CORY PROVUS: "Can you believe the later? I'm just an out-of-towner taking my time so I..."

DAN GLADDEN: "You'd be a fun target."

CORY PROVUS: "Then again, I'm not exactly... I avoid the busy streets."


CORY PROVUS: "But if you get out of midtown and go down... it's not as congested. But if you're in the heart of midtown Manhattan you're going to run into people every step. It's like, uh, I know you're not a video game guy but, 'Frogger' is a video game you had as a kid and you always had to kind of move, there were always objects and cars headed--"

DAN GLADDEN: "You know the best time to do it? It's when you're at the corner and you're waiting for the light to change. There's a group of people on one side, and a group on the other. THAT'S when you don't give up ground."

CORY PROVUS: "We should go out and just play that game, that you talk about--'Frogger'"

DAN GLADDEN: "Frogger. Hm. Can we call it something else?"

*moment of silence*


DAN GLADDEN: "'Get Out Of The Way;"

CORY PROVUS: "'Move!' Or, 'Stand Your Ground.'"

DAN GLADDEN: "I like that one a lot."

*Long silence*

DAN GLADDEN: "I gotta be honest with you. When we were players, we would, alright we would stay at the Grand Hyatt. We were going to lunch, and sometimes you'd walk side-by-side and then you're really hitting guys--or I should say people... "

CORY PROVUS: "I can't imagine too many people challenged when Hrbek was crossing 6th street here in Manhattan. I just can't imagine too many people who would just keep on their path and not stand to the side."


End Scene