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Twins, Duffey Dominate O's, 15-2

This was better than playing the Yankees.

somehow, the game got played anyway
somehow, the game got played anyway
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It would have been fair to expect the Twins to finally, finally commit to the collapse that many have expected after the events of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the Bronx.  For one night at least, the resilience they've displayed all year was in effect again against one of their (many) rivals for an American League wild card berth, as Tyler Duffey and the offense stomped Baltimore, 15-2.

The game was delayed two-and-a-half hours by some Old Testament thunderstorms, but Duffey immediately picked up where he left off with his last start, going 7 2/3 inning, striking out eight and giving up two earned runs long after the game was out of hand.

The Twins jumped on Orioles starter Miguel Gonzalez in the second, pounding him for five runs on a bases loaded walk, a two-run single from Kurt Suzuki, an RBI double from Ed Escobar, and an RBI single from Brian Dozier.

This game was notable for being the first game of hopefully very many with Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton in the same lineup.  The results were positive, with Sano contributing his 10th dong stroke of the season and three RBI overall, and Buxton scoring a run and just generally being a very fast human man.

Other things that also happened:

  • The Twins added ANOTHER five-run inning in the 8th.
  • A solo dong from Escobar.
  • A 2-run double from Trevor Plouffe.
  • A mop-up performance from A.J. Achter
  • The Twins moved to 4-0 against Baltimore this season.


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See you Friday.