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MIN 3, BAL 2: Dare To Dream, Dreamers (And Yeah, I'm Dreaming Too)

Kyle Gibson does a nice job auditioning for his role in 2016, and a late rally really sucks for Orioles fans.

A photo I liked.
A photo I liked.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

While I'm happy the Twins took their first three games from Baltimore, I'm a little miserable how they did so. A rain delay/wipeout. Friday's bad-joke rally of bloop hits and WTF. That's not really fair to Orioles fans, as the best two teams in that division are New York / Toronto and it's crazy to make a zillion other teams compete for a one-game playoff and I'll shut up now.

For the second straight night Minnesota came back to beat Baltimore in late innings, just like the Yankees did to the Twins; that's a pain in the butt and you wouldn't wish it on most nice people. Kyle Gibson had a solid outing, good for him, and the Twins bullpen didn't implode because even a blind pig finds the occasional acorn. I read that line somewhere, I have no idea what it means, but you get it.

Paul Molitor used a "whahhhh? It's an actual thing?" squeeze to tie this game in the 7th. Byron Buxton, that mystery man no-one has ever heard of, drove in his first MLB career run, then the Twins bullpen kept Baltimore from scoring. Because God is a freakish gnome who enjoys chaos, I think.

Also Trevor May is having a very nice season and might be a pitcher who gives up less than three runs every six innings, AKA a "quality start." He similarly gives up less than that in the bullpen. How this will play out in the future, I dunno. Actually, I do know, but I'm sworn not to tell.

Here are the Wild Card standings. Do not examine these, as they include a quick link @ quite logically-calculated postseason possibilities you do not wish to see. So why did I link to them? Because linking to stuff makes it appear as though I am really professional. This is untrue.

The Twins are 1.5 games back from the second wildcard and have approximately -100% million percent 100 chance of getting there. However, not losing is better than losing, and we all like it -- except you, you traitor. Yeah, you thought you could hide. I know who you are. I SEE YOU

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