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Game 126: Twins at Rays

Six in a row?

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

I'm all moved in at college and classes are starting up. I've noticed that the first week is usually pretty relaxed and easy, except for the occasional "straight to business" teachers. I think I'll probably lose some weight this semester because I'm living right on the edge of campus and the walk to my classes is exhausting. My first class today was literally on the other side of campus, Google Earth says its a little over half a mile. That doesn't really sound like much but its easily the longest walk to a class I've had here. I can only imagine what that will be like when winter hits. Did I mention I also live on the fourth floor (or the fifth floor, I think, if you're a redcoat). I can't complain too much, though, I'm living in a single so I have the room all to myself.

We now go back to your regularly scheduled game thread stuff.

Expected starters: Tyler "DUFF MAN" Duffey and Chris "Sterling" Archer. No Twin has a HR against Archer in their career, let's change that.

J.R. Graham went to the DL while Blaine Boyer was reinstated from the DL. Is it bad that I didn't even know that Boyer was on the DL?


Today's Lineups

Byron Buxton - CF Daniel Nava - RF
Brian Dozier - 2B Grady Sizemore - LF
Joe Mauer - 1B Evan Longoria - 3B
Miguel Sano - DH John Jaso - DH
Trevor Plouffe - 3B Logan Forsythe - 2B
Eddie Rosario - RF Asdrubal Cabrera - SS
Eduardo Escobar - SS James Loney - 1B
Chris Herrmann - C Kevin Kiermaier - CF
Shane Robinson - LF Rene Rivera - C
Tyler Duffey - RHP Chris Archer - RHP