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GDT #129: Astros @ Twins

Welcome to the new & less wordy Saturday GDT posts. They're more work though, I gotta find an extra picture. I hate more work.

Get behind me, little man.
Get behind me, little man.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Time: 6:10 (00:10 GMT). Vegas Line: -130 Astros / Twins +140
Weather: Bright, Sunshiny, High Near 80
TV: FSN. I Turned The Radio Up, I Turned The Radio On

It's all ex-Brewers, all the time! You know Go-Go. You may find the name Mike Fiers familiar, because the Twins already faced him twice this season. He doesn't throw hard and it doesn't matter. He pitched a no-hitter last Sunday, as the 'Stros are going six-man rotation. (Did he cheat?) Also he's oddly more successful against wrong-handed batters. Digits:

Mike ERA H/9 K/9 BB/9 HR/9 OPS v L/R baBIP FIP
Pelfrey 3.69 10.17 4.47 2.59 0.71 .772 / .705 .321 3.87
Fiers 3.63 8.2 9.13 3.25 1.00 .668 / .761 .303 3.24

Neither pitcher has significant histories versus the opposing team's lineup. Pelfrey, though, has established himself as the funniest Twin in ages (see the Marney Gellner Twitter video of him whacking golf balls into the dugout Wednesday, which I can't link 'cuz I ain't on the Twitter, sorry.)

The Twins bullpen could use a rest tonight. They are tired, so tired. The bullpen is like a wife trying to sleep. The starters are like a husband poking her, saying, "hey, honey, time for work. I'm gonna drink beer and watch baseball all day. The mortgage doesn't pay itself, you know!"

Lineups (Sano's back, Buxton's batting 9th):

Astros Twins
Jose Altuve, 2B Brian Dozier, 2B
Marwin Gonzalez, SS ED 209, SS
Evan Gattis, DH Joe Mauer, 1B
Colby Rasmus, RF Miguel Sano, DH
Go-Go, CF Plouuuuufe, 3B
Jed Lowrie, 3B ED 211, LF
Luis Valbuena, 1B Torii Hunter, RF
Hank Conger, C Kurt Suzuki, C
Jake Marisnick, LF Byron Buxton, CF