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Game 111: Twins at Indians

Minnesota can come away with a series victory by winning today.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
First Pitch: 12:10pm CDT

Radio: 96.3fm, TIBN, BOB FM
Know Thine Enemy: Let's Go Tribe

Pre-Game Notes

  • Even after yesterday's ass-kicking and barely winning at all since the All-Star break, the Twins could come away with a series victory if they can win this game.
  • If you didn't watch to the end last night - and nobody, I mean nobody can blame you for that - you missed Shane Robinson pitching. So that was fun.
  • Feeling a little down about all this losing? Hayden has some suggestions for a little pick-me-up.
  • I criticised the Twins for putting nine men in the bullpen, but they've all been used in the last two days. Dumpster fire. Poor A.J. Achter, man.
  • After allowing a home run every 13+ innings in 2014, Phil Hughes is serving them up every 5+ innings this year. He's on pace to surrender 42 home runs in 2015, which would be a career high and enough to qualify as third place on Bert Blyleven's single-season home run leaderboard. For what it's worth, per 162 games Blyleven only allowed 21 home runs per season - but that was over 34 starts and 245 innings, too.

Today's Lineups

Brian Dozier - 2B Jose Ramirez - 2B
Aaron Hicks - CF Francisco Lindor - SS
Joe Mauer - DH Michael Brantley - LF
Miguel Sano - 3B Carlos Santana - DH
Trevor Plouffe - 1B Yan Gomes - C
Eddie Rosario - RF Abraham Almonte - CF
Eduardo Escobar - SS Jerry Sands - RF
Chris Herrmann - C Chris Johnson - 1B
Shane Robinson - LF Giovanny Urshela - 3B
Phil Hughes - RHP Corey Kluber - RHP