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Twins upgrade father-daughter who drove three hours for rained-out game

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This is pretty cool. Well done, Minnesota Twins.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

You know those stories that warm your heart a little bit and make you proud to be a fan of someone or something? This is one of those stories.

On Friday afternoon, Colin McLain and his daughter drove three hours to catch the Twins-Angels game at Target Field. The weather was looking a bit sketchy though, and so he did what any resourceful Twitter user would do - he contacted Dave St. Peter, President of the Minnesota Twins, about Friday night's weather forecast. St. Peter, who is very engaged on Twitter and spends time answering questions most days, responded.

At the time, it was true. Weather is unpredictable, and for a sport that often has any single team playing six or seven days a week, it's exceptionally difficult to do anything but make a game-time decision.

Yet as time went along, the weather wasn't cooperating. When it was finally decided that the game would be postponed, Dave St. Peter and the Twins stepped up to the plate for the father-daughter pair - offering them a hotel and upgraded tickets. And Colin responded like I imagine all of us would.

That's pretty special.

Teams obviously can't help out every single fan that runs into a postponement or other fiascos, but every once in a while it's great to see teams exercise the power that they do have. This is a wonderful story, and it's safe to say that this morning I'm very happy to be a Twins fan.