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Pelfrey's Gonna Pelf, Tired Bats Gonna Whiff

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The Twins looked every bit a fading team after several close losses. Tonight's was less close.

Picked this photo for dumb joke about bats, but Spider-Man's "eh, whatcha gonna do" arms are great.
Picked this photo for dumb joke about bats, but Spider-Man's "eh, whatcha gonna do" arms are great.
Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Well, well, well. I could add more wells. Should I? Well, maybe one more. Well. That's it, that's enough.

Mike Pelfrey, the funniest, most personally likable Twin in ages, didn't continue his recent skid. He didn't recover his first-half form, either. He was just -- well --  Mike Pelfrey. He allowed hits and wriggled out of them until his meltdown inning in the sixth, giving up three runs. Chris Iannetta soloed off Pelf in the seventh, because Iannetta is Pelf's personal Hannibal Lecter. Everything Pelfrey throws out, Iannetta twists it against him and makes it horribly ooky.

Phil Hughes made a relief appearance. He gave up a dong. Does that mean he's back to normal, now?

Your Twins (they're not mine, I would have made every decision differently and better-er 'cuz I know stuff) awoke from a Novocaine hangover late and put runners on in the seventh/ninth. But, not enough scores of runs. Nobody really screwed up anything badly. It was just -- well -- the Angels being more good.

Is there a video for falling out of the playoff hunt? Yeah, kinda sorta!

The Astros are currently winning, so it's possible the Twins will start tomorrow 2.5 GB in the wildcard race. Not insurmountable. Not easily mountable, either, but what/who is.

Tune in for Tyler Duffey against Matt Shoemaker, who has a neat name. I dig names like "Baker" and "Miller" that actually meant stuff once upon a time, such as those European "Jorgensondottir" ones. I dig African and Asian names that mean cool things. I just hate my name. I went to a dentist today and he said "wasn't Millard Fillmore that awful president who signed the Fugitive Slave Act?" Yep. Every friggin' time.

Robot Roll Call (thanks to everybody who showed up as the game went on!):

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