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Miguel Sano named American League Rookie of the Month

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The accolades won't stop here.

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

As the conversation about Miguel Sano vying for the American League Rookie of the Year heats up, the 22-year old slugger picked up a bit more notoriety today by being named the American League Rookie of the Month. Twins fans know why. Hell, most of baseball knows why. But let's tell you anyway.

In the month of August, Sano hit .278/.377/.629 with nine home runs. It's a 54-home run a year pace, and the 1.006 OPS is an improvement on his .964 OPS in July. His .611 slugging percentage on the season is third-best in Twins history, which is unbelieveable, but what's he's doing as a 22-year old hitter goes beyond great performances in franchise history. This is an all-time great performance in the history of the game.

Extrapolating Sano's numbers over a full season gives him 43 doubles, 46 home runs, 107 walks, and 133 RBI. And 247 strikeouts, but if hits all those other numbers I don't think anybody will have a problem with it.

Congratulations, Miguel. We're all looking forward to what's next.