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Twins 3, White Sox 0: Milone, Plouffe lead Twins to victory

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Tommy Milone spun a gem, and Plouffe had a clutch hit and it was enough to clinch a series win.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Tommy Milone was nothing short of fantastic tonight. I think I need only read you his stat line to prove this: 7 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 7 Ks. Trevor May came out of the bullpen to work the 8th and struck out 2 in a clean inning. Kevin Jepsen got the save in the 9th to close out matters.

Of course, you need to score runs to win baseball games (I think), due to some rule somewhere. Miguel Sano took care of that in the 2nd inning when he blasted a solo bomb to center for his 15th HR of the year. A 20 HR season does not seem out of reach at this point. Miguel Sano is good. Also, he's homered in 3 straight games. Miguel Sano is good. Watch where this one lands:

Carlos Rodon did settle down after that, though, and was able to hold the Twins off the scoreboard innings 3-6. He scattered 3 walks and 4 singles during that time. He came out for the 7th and was greeted by an Eduardo Escobar single, knocking him out of the game. Jake Petricka entered the game. Escobar advanced to second on a failed pick-off attempt by the catcher Tyler Flowers. Kurt Suzuki singled and then Byron Buxton walked to fill the bases. Brian Dozier struck out, and then Dan Jennings came in to strike out Joe Mauer for the second out. Trevor Plouffe came up as it looked like the Twins might not get anything out of this great opportunity. The Twin's third baseman came through, though, doubling to the left field corner, scoring 2 runs and pushing the lead to 3-0. Unfortunately, Buxton was thrown out at home so the inning came to an end.

That was more than enough runs the Twins needed tonight, though, and they closed out the game with a victory and series win.


-Miguel Sano can hit the ball far, but when he needs to run places he's been really hampered by a sore hamstring.


Sano, Milone, Jepsen, May, Plouffe



Comment of the game thread:

Brandon Brooks: "I wonder if I'll ever see Joe Mauer ejected."

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This is my last game thread and recap for this season, due to college starting. Thanks, Jesse, for asking me to do these as I've had a great time making them.

Good night.