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Wild Card Situation Room: 9/23/2015

New, comments The Wild Card Situation Room.

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Welcome to a short feature that we'll have up every morning through the end of the season - or as long as the Twins remain in contention for a Wild Card spot. We'll highlight the standings, what's occurring, and we'll have a look at the games for the contenders that day. But we will in no way attempt to curse our favorite baseball team.

Let's get going.

Standings, 9/23/2015

Wild Card Teams W L PCT WCGB E# L10 STRK
New York Yankees 83 67 .553 +4.0 - 6-4 W1
Houston Astros 80 72 .526 - - 4-6 L1
Minnesota Twins 77 73 .513 2.0 10 4-6 W2
Los Angeles Angels 77 74 .510 2.5 9 5-5 W1


Twins: WIN, 3-1

Astros: LOSS, 4-3

Angels: WIN, 4-3

The Angels beating the Astros works in Minnesota's favor as it puts the Twins within two games of Houston. It also means that Los Angeles keeps pace, just a half game behind the Twins, but that's better than the alternative. Whether Minnesota wins or loses today


Twins (77-73) vs Indians (74-75), 7:10pm CST
Probable Pitchers: Phil Hughes vs Corey Kluber

Astros (80-72) vs Angels (77-74), 1:10pm CST
Probable Pitchers: Nick Tropeano vs Mike Fiers

On This Date In 2009 (before play)

Detroit Tigers 80 70 .533 -
Minnesota Twins 78 73 .517 2.5