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What is next for Doug Mientkiewicz?

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With the minor league season now wrapped up across the Twins organization we congratulate the Chattanooga Lookouts on their 2015 Southern League title. For Doug Mientkiewicz, this is back-to-back league titles with Fort Myers in 2014 and Chattanooga in 2015. One of the hottest names now coming up for 2016 managerial jobs, we ask what is next for Doug Mientkiewicz?

Doug Mientkiewicz - Chattanooga Lookouts
Doug Mientkiewicz - Chattanooga Lookouts

Congratulations to the Chattanooga Lookouts, the 2015 Southern League champions.  An extended congratulations to Doug Mientkiewicz, manager of the Lookouts and back-to-back title winner with Fort Myers in 2014 and the Lookouts this year.  Mientkiewicz's name has really started to buzz around baseball with the minor league season now ending and a multitude of MLB managerial jobs opening for the 2016 season.  This week we look at what this possibly means for Doug and the Minnesota Twins organization.

Looking at the MLB manager openings in 2016, there are some that have a possibility of a fit for Doug and others that may not line up as well.  We will look at these and also examine the possibility of Mientkiewicz staying within the Twins organization.  I will also give a percentage prediction of possibility on each of these options, along with a description of the opportunity and why the possibility percentage was assigned.

MLB Openings/Opportunities

  • Miami (45%) - This to me seems like the most likely scenario at this time if Mientkiewicz is no longer willing to stay within the Twins organization and manage at the minor league level while waiting out Paul Molitor or waiting for a coaching job within his staff.  The Marlins have a young team that needs a manager that can provide a spark to wake up the Marlins franchise and Doug could do just that.  Keep in mind that Mientkiewicz is also originally from the Miami area, which could be a selling point for the fan base when making the hire.  Throw in the fact that Mientkiewicz has managed back-to-back league titles in the Twins minor league organization, and these all could lead to Doug getting his first managerial job in 2016.  There may also be a new GM in Miami in 2016 as Dan Jennings could be on his way out and the new GM may really want to go in a new, successful direction.  Not many would fault Mientkiewicz as the choice.
  • Minnesota Twins Organization (30%) - The second most likely opportunity is that Mientkiewicz doesn't get offered an opportunity or one that fits his style and works with him and his family.  Some of the MLB openings fit better for a young manager like Doug then others and that could also play into him coming back to the Twins organization in 2016.  The Twins may also let Mientkiewicz now that there is a coaching spot on the staff very soon that could translate into becoming the next manager after Paul Molitor's regime has completed.  If Doug knows that managing one more year in the Twins minor league organization turns into a coaching opportunity in 2017, he may be enticed to take a shot at a three peat in terms of league titles and then jump to the big club in 2017 where he could be coaching many of the same players that he won with in the minors.
  • Detroit (15%) - I know there will be some feedback on this one as it seems as most pundits have already given this job to former Twins skipper Ron Gardenhire as soon as the Twins fire Brad Ausmus but I would give the Tigers credit that they will exhaust all options before making their hire.  The Tigers had no problems with hiring a first time skipper in Ausmus and with hiring Mientkiewicz, you get a manager who has been successful in his minor league managerial career and a former MLB player who played at a high level for many seasons in the league.  Both of these items would hold credibility in his signing and may be the jolt that Detroit needs to start to rebuild their club.  If they are already in a rebuilding mode, why not also rebuild with a young, successful manager.
  • San Diego (10%) - I would say that 10% may even be a little high in the scale but there is a chance that Mientkiewicz could get offered the job as the next skipper of the Padres.  They do have a nucleus of good young players that would buy into Doug's managerial style and again his success as a minor league manager may just be what San Diego needs to truly get the rebuilding process going at Petco Park.  You also have the weather and lifestyle in San Diego, which would fit well with Mientkiewicz's Florida background and not too many people complain about having to live in San Diego.  As a first managerial job, if no other major offers appear, this one has a slim chance but keep in mind that Padres GM A.J. Preller has liked to make daring moves since coming onboard and this could classify as that.
There are the options that I see in front of Doug Mientkiewicz at this time.  As a Twins fan, I would love to see him within the organization but I also want what is best for his managerial career and if he gets an opportunity to manage at the MLB level, you can't fault him for taking that chance.  We will continue to follow the Mientkiewicz story over the coming weeks to see where the story ends or starts, if the next opportunity is presented.  Give us your comments below, any other options that you think are available for Doug, or if you think he should stay with the Twins organization.  Please also vote in our poll below to give us your feedback on where you think Doug will end up.