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Nolasco's Back. What Now?

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The injured Twins starter has been activated. What does this mean for a scuffling staff? Not a lot, for now.

hey ricky
hey ricky
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Ricky Nolasco, who maybe two people thought would be back in the majors in 2015, is back in the majors, and it is still 2015.

The Twins activated their oft-injured starting pitcher on Friday, sending Logan Darnell to the 60-day DL with pneumonia.  Per 1500ESPN's Derek Wetmore, manager Paul Molitor is impressed with Nolasco's efforts to return to the field, but it doesn't mean he'll slide into a spot on the beleaguered starting staff:

Nolasco will not pitch out of the rotation. He's in the bullpen and it's no sure thing he'll be asked to pitch in a game the rest of the year. He said he understands the situation.

Before he was sidelined with the bad wheel, Nolasco won five starts during the Twins excellent run of play in May, including his 100th career victory.

Clearly, the Twins need help at starter, particularly if they manage to sneak their way into the ALDS.  It will be worth watching to see if the Twins current plans for Nolasco change as their needs do.